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Celebrate Avatar!

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14 Days of Avatar
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14 Day Celebration of Avatar!
Okay folks here's the deal...da rulz...the whathaveyou...

This project came about after I had expressed frustration over the ship wars. Turtleyurtle1 agreed with me and together we acted upon an idea that would include all Avatards.

This community is a celebration community. It is for all things positive. How the show has impacted you. How the show has brought people together. How the show has made us all learn and grow.

This is the place to share fan art, crafts, cosplay pics, convention pics, stories of meet-ups and friends made, communities you love, ships you love, characters you love, what about Avatar you love, the contribution the show has made to animation and entertainment, whatever you want to write about or show off.

But there are a few rules, my lovelies...

1. No links. If you post pics or art I need the actual picture in the post.
2. No bashing. You bash, you get deleted.
3. No porn. I know. Zutara porn is hot, but we need to keep it clean.
4. No spoilers. If the episodes haven't aired, you can't post about them. So NO SOZIN'S COMET SPOILERS!!!
5. Keep the swearing to a minimum. There are other colorful ways to express yourself.
6. If you are an anonymous poster you must include the name most people would know you by (i.e. if you frequent the forums, what is your screenname?)
7. You must tag your posts with the what day it is - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3... Also it might help if you all tag posts according to topic - convention story, Aang, cosplay, etc.

Now this whole thing will be printed and put into a binder and taken with me to Comic-con. That is why if you post I want it to be something you'd be proud of.

And most importantly, SHARE THIS LINK!!! We want everyone to post and show the Avatar staff how truly cool this fandom is and how truly awesome they are and the show is.