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20 July 2008 @ 05:32 pm
MODS POST is not modly.  

We've got until tonight I believe, but I'll be out and about on western time today, so I want to do this now.

Thanks so much guys.

If this makes it to Mike and to Bryan and to the whole crew then great. If not, we did just what we set out to do. We proved that Avatar and it's fans are beyond amazing. We did some cool stuff here.

We really truely did.

I want people to know how cool everyone is, and how great everyone can be.

Your stories, your art, your drabbles, and AMVs. They were amazing and inspiring and interesting and funny.

When I first started watching Avatar, It was my go-to-show. It was funny and witty and a fantasy.

Which above all was important. I've been raised on computers, star trek, star wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and newest Harry Potter. Avatar joined the ranks in my mind. It was the first fandom I truely cared about. The first canon I loved enough to want to connect with other fans and stay connected.

There were problems in my life, I won't deny that. There always are for people, because good and bad happen everyday. Avatar was my slice of good in the day, my escape into a world where things were fantastical. Where not everything went right, but things were still good.
Most recently my parents have split. Avatar seems to be the best and easiest way for us to all still connect. It's a great escape, it's nice to have friends and fellow shippers who are going to make me laugh. It's amazing to know that when I log on or turn of the television I know that any problems are left behind, and that I can walk away feeling like my own problems are more solvable or less of an issue that I previously thought before. When Avatar is over, I always walk away with something, even if I don't realize it right away.

I shipped. That was one of the best and most fun things I have decided to do within the fandom. It was also the first time where I did not ship canon, and even when I was spoiled for the ending, I realized I didn't care that I wasn't canon. Not because I don't appreciate what was shown or because I 'have to have my way, otherwise I'll ignore it' but because I had made so many friends with fellow Zutarians and had enjoyed learning from them, and writing with them, and speaking to them, enough that I can say, I like where I am. It's understanable why people get attached to ships or shipping. Why they feel the need to love it and talk about it. Of course, there were downsides, not everyone on the internet is polite to each other, but really, shipping is a fun thing to do, not something to hurt others by. After all, most of the characters were teenagers. They'll have plenty more time to grow and relate. Break up, Make up, date others. They're still kids, which is something that I keep in mind. As much as I love certain pairings, I won't know if they end up together, because everyone still has so far to go. I am happy for shippers who got what they wanted in the last five minutes of the show. It's fun. It's fun to ship and to root characters on into relationships.

My life has been changed. Not in an earth shattering sort of way, I don't think I'll go on to win a Nobel or anything. But I'm excited. Next year I'll be learning Graphic Design. I volunteered for my first ever Local comicon, and I'm happily going back this year. Nothing pushed me more into it than avatar did. When I went to Phoenix comicon, I bought the only ATLA fanart there on auction. It was another moment, where I met the artist and connected. I can only hope to bring in more Avatar fan-artists to this con next year.

I am the proud owner of several avatar charms I bought over the internet, and I'm currently wearing a season one Zuko as a necklace.
I'm fiddling with it as I type. My nervousness at wanting this Letter? Story? to be perfection is making this hard.

I will miss this show more than I can imagine. I've been alternating between choking up, and feeling like I could fire bend, because it's just under the surface of my palms. Like an unimaginable high and a terrible low at this being over. I will not be at San Diego Comicon, sadly, and this is what will go as my proxy. It's good enough knowing that my words will arrive there, but I still wish I could be there in body as well as heart.

I'm waiting already for the first Avatar movie, and I hope very much that I will get a chance to see the gaang on my television screen once more. I grew with them so much, and they taught me so many things. I want to know what happened to Ursa, and how everything will fall into place after the war. I'd love to see the characters continue to learn, because you never really stop. I'd love to see relationships develop and blossom. I'd love to see just how much more everyone can grow. But if it's a new avatar next time, I know I'll be watching. I'll be waiting to see how they teach me too. Maybe the next show will focus on Iroh or Zuko? Or perhaps Sokka or Katara? I'll be watching.

I'll be waiting.

Currently, as I believe I have no more I could possibly say, and everything I will remember only after I am done typing, I look to my wrist.

I've drawn Zuko's scar upon it. Colored in his eye, and colored the scarring. It's lined in ballpoint, and colored with crayola marker.
It's pink and purple, which isn't the right color for Zuko's scar, but I had no other colors. I realize with some sadness, that this drawing of the thing that drove my favorite character for so long will eventually fade. The pink and purple and gold will soften until it looks like a soft and oddly shappen bruise. The eye will fade, and the irony of Zuko's scar being comet shaped will be soon lost. However, while it fades my love will stay. Avatar won't fade, or leave. It won't vanish for me. It will be a much more lasting thing. It will leave my skin, but never my heart. A place for a scarred prince and a tattoed monk will always be there in my heart. It will be something to carry with me forever, regardless of who can see it, regardless of whether that love is drawn on my skin, or merely remembered in my mind.

Avatar is always there.

Thanks again everyone. This is the final few things I'd like to impart. A quick and poorly drawn doodle I did at least over a year ago:

Aangy by ~admiralteaspoon on deviantART

I wrote simply that there 'was probably bad fanfiction about this adorable monk being so cute, but that he was so lighthearted and fun, you couldn't help but love him a little.'

A darker piece, just as poorly drawn and written before Zuko figured himself out.

It's like this:Zuko :drawing: by ~admiralteaspoon on deviantART

He always seemed to become whatever people told him to be. I'm glad he broke away from that and became who he really was.

To the comm:
If anyone is ever around, feel free to come to Phoenix comicon guys, and ask for the Avatard. I'll be there.
If you ever see a girl wearing a Zuko necklace, it might just be me. Stop and say hi.
When the first live-action comes out I'll be the girl dressed up and waiting for the first, second, and third showings. (I might even dress as Jun.)
This comm might be over in it's purposes, but I'm always up for a chat. littleturtleyurtle@hotmai.com Avatard friends are priceless.
If you ever draw any fanart, I can get it sold at PHX comicon. This con needs more Avatar.
If you see a girl with water tribe symbols and the 'AVATAR' font drawn on her hands. It could be me.
Ditto if you see a girl yammering on about Zuko. Or the Avatar. Anything really.

Much Love to everyone.

Thanks to mike and bryan for creating such an impacting show. I wish I could say more, other than I hope you know how great that this has been for so many people. I hope that people will see just how much Avatar has becom part of people's life stories from this.

Finally, thanks to Amiraelizabeth, my fellow mod. I'm glad you gave me the oppertunity to do this. I'm glad we did it together. I'm happy for you getting your endgame ship.

Go forth Avatards. Go forth and live on in this fandom. I'll be there, most of all.

Good Luck.

You've got to open your eyes to the possibilities.

(Anonymous) on July 21st, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
Wow, that's amazing. It's good to know that this show has had an effect on so many people myself included. I really like that Zuko peice. Despite it's simplicity, it really shows his character before he got himself sorted out.

I don't have an LJ account, and I'm really new to the website, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I think I'm supposed to put a name of some sort, so here's my dA page:

turtleyurtle1turtleyurtle1 on July 21st, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
Re: Wow
Over on deviantart I'm admiralteaspoon.

You did fine.

And thanks. :)