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20 July 2008 @ 11:53 am
Things I've wondered....  

Mainly about the finale. 
 Interactive post if you guys catch this in time. Ask question make up answers for me.

-If Zuko and Azula were in an Agni Kai for the right to the throne, did Zuko lose when he got hit by lightning (or was Azula trying to kill Katara disqualifying?), or does Katara now technically have claim to the throne considering it was her who won the match? (rofl. I'm kidding. Katara probably doesn't count since she's not a fire bender.)
-How did Li and Lo teach and train Azula her bending if they themselves cannot bend?
-Since Toph is amazing at Metal bending, is Glass bending possible? After all, Glass is made out of sand which is earth. That'd come in handy too, for breaking into places and using as throwing weapons to pin people down. (Also I keep picturing moving glass butterflies.)
-What made Zuko's family go into such unhappiness? 
-When did Ozai go 'bad'? (Weird. It sounds like I'm talking about milk or cottage cheese.)
-What caused Azula to lose her innocence/ child-like wonder?
- Did anyone else think of Aladdin 3: The King Of thieves when they saw the turtle-lion? Aladdin had an island that was on the back of a giant turtle, and on the island was the hand of Midas. 
-What happened to poor Azula?
-Can she be healed? Can Katara do continuous healing sessions on her mind? Would that make a difference?
-Will Katara join Zuko on a search for his mother? 
-What happened to Smellerbee and Longshot?
-Will Zuko become a member of the White Lotus?
-Do you have to be old to get in, or just old to be a master?
-Where does sokka keep his lotus tile?
-How do you play Pai Sho? (I seriously want a really complex and fun board game.)
-How did the Kyoshi warriors suddenly get transferred to the Boiling Rock?
-What did Pakku carve this time around?
- I love Jun. This isn't a question so much as a statement that I want her to come back.
-Will her and Iroh ever work out a May/December relationship? XD
-Was anyone else reminded of the fighting scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Where the main lady fights a bar brawl and walks away completely unscathed? She was even drinking tea, just like Jun wasn't she?
-Did aang master the avatar state completely? Or did he just enter into it? I got the impression that mastering the avatar state meant that he should be able to enter it at will (and not when he hits a rock) and be concious of every move he makes in it.

Oh my god. I loved the finale. I'd like to be able to see certain parts all together though. Like the battle between Zuko and Azula all at once.

I rewatched parts of it and I was crying over Zuko's apology to Iroh and when he took the lightning. Also when Toph almost dies. 

spootyatm: aang lightningspootyatm on July 20th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
-I honestly think Azula would've been disqualified for engaging someone else in the Agni Kai.

-Li and Lo trained her? Oh just...taught her things?

-Glass is technically sand, so maybe...that could be SO beautiful...and yet....deadly. Glass butterflies would PWN

-Zuko's family is so unhappy because...they don't get enough chocolate milk. I dunno. Sozin's crazy genes infected them all.

-Ozai was born baaaaaad. Bad to the bone. Buh buh buh buh buh bad.

-Azula needed more hugs. Or maybe, more butt whoopin's. Cuz dayum

-Never saw Aladdin 3

-I bet Azula had her bending taken away too, and was put into prison like her father. I'm hoping they can rehabilitate her and she can find the love she needs

-That'd be cool if Katara could heal her mind, but I think she needs her mom back more than anything. She needs to be accepted without having people fear her.

-I doubt Katara will go with Zuko because I doubt there'll be a need. With Mai back, Mai can just go with him, but not because she needs to..just for the company

-Yeah, what DID happen to Smellerbee and Longshot!

-I bet Aang and Zuko will become members of the White Lotus...and Sokka.

-Katara and Toph are masters and they're kids

-Sokka keeps his lotus tile in Suki's cleavage HAW HAW XD

-They need to come out with a Pai Sho board game...seriously.

-I bet Ty Lee and Mai were put in the same prison as the Kyoshi warriors, not the other way around. Maybe Mai's uncle has sway because he's a warden, and wardens of all prisons have like...a code or...union or something. o_O


-I love Jun too, omg

-LULZ, Jun is the crouching Tiger

-Yeah, I think he did. They showed that scene where Katara said something about a lot of energy being twisted up in that spot and it got pressure put on it and...corrected it...or something weird like that. Whatever. But he went in and out of it at will and could stop himself from going through with killing Ozai, so I will assume he was in control of himself.


And I thought the fight with Zuko and Azula was SO beautiful and sad. The music they played was just so haunting and wonderful. And I sobbed hardcore when Zuko and Iroh had their moment.
turtleyurtle1turtleyurtle1 on July 21st, 2008 12:21 am (UTC)
Well Li and Lo were the ones who were all ''almost perfect...one hair out of place'

So I always assumed they knew how to bend.

Aladdin one and three are good. Skip two.

Lol at chocolate milk and Suki's cleavage. And warden's union code thing.

I just assumed Katara would go to find Ursa cause she relates. I think mai and Katara could be friends.

Pai sho game and glass bending YESPLZ.

I want my Ursa. This should mean a sequel.

Azula needs more hugs
graceh_graceh on July 21st, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
I want a sequal too- to wrap up loose ens. I would like it to be FN centered- like Zuko to FL, Iroh, finding Ursa, dealing with Azula/Ozai.
Mary Catherine: Avatar Aangtehlobster on July 21st, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
- I think Azula disqualified herself when she attacked Katara, but it's not important because nobody was there but the three of them, even if she didn't.

- I didn't think they taught her bending, more like oversaw her training and gave wisdom and stuff. Creepy twin old people wisdom.

- I think glass butterflies would be the coolest thing. YESPLZ.

- I've always thought it was the revelation that Azula was such a prodigy that did it. Before that, I think everything was more in balance with regards to Ozai paying attention to both his kids so Ursa wouldn't have to overcompensate.

- Ozai was most likely born the way he is, as was Azula. I got vibes in 207 that Azulon liked Iroh better, too. Which didn't help.

- I don't think she was ever particularly innocent, but she definitely needed more Mommy Love.

- Nope, it's been a long time since I've seen Aladdin 3. I was just thinking more in general where floating islands are ALWAYS on the backs of giant turtles in stories. I called it like five minutes before Aang did, in fact. I loved it.

- Azula is obviously in prison. I hope they didn't take away her bending too, because that would break her beyond repair, imo. I think she can possibly come back to sanity with years and years of help and healing. I would hate to see her totally lost. She has such a brilliant mind.

- I bet they tried the healing on her mind. I hope they did. It might make a difference, but it would still take YEARS.

- I would think it would be Mai rather than Katara, myself. They can hire Jun and it can be their honeymoon or something. XD (Haha, Mai, Jun.)

- They had lots of awesome babies in Ba Sing Se? I dunno. I wish we had seen them!

- Maybe eventually. I think Sokka and Aang for sure. So why not Zuko as well? :D

- I think it helps to be old before they let you in- more wisdom that way. I don't think you have to be old to be a master. Toph's not old.

- Didn't he lose it at one point, or am I just imagining that? I might have dreamed it or read it in a fanfic... Otherwise, how about in his undies? Nobody would touch it there. XD

- I want a board game too! A good one, not some stupid crappy thing that is cheap merchandising. Something that is a work of art and probably expensive. Something that looks like it came straight from the Avatar world.

- Mai and Ty Lee didn't necessarily stay at The Boiling Rock, did they? Even if they did, who's to say the Kyoshi Warriors didn't get transferred in later for causing trouble at a lesser prison?

- Something really awesome, I hope. Grampakku ftw! I think I squealed loudest at that part.

- I love Jun too. Oh, Jun! She reminded me of KP's Shego last night, actually. :P

- Hahaha. The world could not contain the awesome of that. XD

- Oh, it's been forever since I've seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! But I will concede that it was ridiculously awesome. Go Jun!

- I think he mastered it by fluke when he hit that rock- lucky break! Because we saw that clip in the Previously On talking about energy bunched up in there. I think that released it and helped him to master it. Because he seemed pretty in control to me. Though if I had been in Ozai's place I would need to change my pants.

- Oh, Ursa, where are you? D: *looks for fanfic about Zuko finding her*

Anyway, I agree with Spooty there about the fight with Zuko and Azula. I literally wept. Oh, Azula. That was the darkest thing I have ever seen on TV (that wasn't on the news), TV-Y7 or no. And the music was astounding.

I can has Track Team CD, y/y?
turtleyurtle1turtleyurtle1 on July 21st, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
-The first wondering was mostly a joke. I'm pretty sure it got the whole match disqualified.

-I stand by what I told spoots. Mai and Katara should become best friends. They'd be an awesome straight man/funny man combo and they'd go with Zuko to find Ursa. Katara because she gets it, and Mai because she supports Zuko.

-I meant white lotus master, not just master. That's all.

-Me too. I don't care if it's expensive. Maybe when the live actions come out, they can do something along the lines of Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings. You know when they publish those catalogues with all the mock props you can buy? I'd love a pai sho set.

-Glass Butterflies. Best Idea I ever thought up. Pretty and deadly.

-Yeah the fight between Zuko and Azula was heart breaking and awesome. I loved loved it. It was so dark and sad and you could tell just how insane Azula had become. And yet above it all they are siblings.

Also, I didn't realize at first, but Zuko still managed to redirect the lightning.It hit him in the stomach, and he was still twitching from the electricity and then they pulled out so you could see the whole capitol, and the lightning finally being released into the air. I can't believe it didn't connect for me at first, but when I realized that made the moment a thousand times cooler.
Mary Catherine: Never break up with me againtehlobster on July 21st, 2008 02:49 am (UTC)
I know, I realized that, when it went to the sky. It was amazing. It's not like he could have sent it back at Azula. I mean, she is his baby sister. No matter what. Oh, that scene was heartbreaking.
turtleyurtle1turtleyurtle1 on July 21st, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Yeah. Very much so.